Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature (hunting and nature). Since February 2007 the museum has been enlarged to include the neighbouring Hôtel de Montgelas.

Château de Vincennes dungeon. A master-piece of the Middle Ages, is once again open for visits after several years of restoration work.

La Cité Nationale de l’Histoire de l’Immigration (Museum of the History of Immigration). Situated in the Porte Dorée Palace, the former Museum of African and Oceanic Arts has stood empty since its collections were moved to the Primitive Art Museum at Quai Branly.
It now contains a permanent collection depicting the history of immigration in France over two centuries through the presentation of objects, photographs, films and interviews. It is due to open shortly.

The City for Architecture and Heritage of the Palais de Chaillot.
This new museum replaces that of French Monuments and is intended to be one of the largest centres given over to architecture in the world. It will offer a panorama of the history of french architecture from the XIIth century until the present day.

The giant greenhouses of the Jardin des Plantes, they are due to re-open in the spring of 2007.

The Grande Halle at La Villette. Re-opening programmed for September 2007.
A good opportunity to rediscover the park at La Villette.

A temporary exhibition on Fragonard, Entitled “Fragonard, painter and story-teller of the XVIIIth century”, the exhibition will run from 2 October 2007 to 13 January 2008 at the Jaquemart-André Museum.

• The Arc de Triomphe. To celebrate its bicentenary, the museum situated in the upper part of the monument will be renovated.