“Every different Paris exists in one Paris”

Together with my team I would like to show you the Paris of your dreams, of your interests and emotions.

We can help you put together an original programme for your guests which will enable them to discover all the facets of the town. A museum, an unusual place, an exceptional monument, or all the opportunities Paris can offer.

I can also enrich your visit by including the participation of a specialist in the subject or area involved.

We can organise this event together and give it meaning in the context of your company, your trademark, your area of activity or your strategy.

For individuals, we can organise a programme for a special occasion, a birthday or any other pretext for enjoying a cultural get-together.

I will ensure all the cultural and artistic aspects but also all the logistics involved in order to create a successful event (location, catering, transport…)

In all cases a rapid and clear estimate will be provided.